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Tarot of the Mysteries

I enrolled in Trevour’s “The Tarot of the Mysteries” class, not with the hopes of beginning a new career as a Tarot card reader but rather to embark on a “Journey of Self-Discovery”. Carl Jung once famously said that the Tarot deck contains archetypal symbols related to analytical psychology and so, I was greatly intrigued by the Tarot. However, it is Trevour’s unique way of approaching the Tarot and his wealth of spiritual and esoteric knowledge that has made the class both enlightening and entertaining. I recommend Trevour’s class to anyone seeking a better understanding of their special role in this dynamic universe.

Lynn C. Carp

Tarot of the Mysteries

Trevour’s tarot class is a must for anyone even remotely interested in reading Tarot. He doesn’t just teach you to read cards, he teaches you how to put them into context with your own life. He is a tremendously insightful guide to what many would consider to be ‘hidden knowledge’. He engages the entirety of our group thoroughly and efficiently but never without his trademark style and charm. It was an absolute pleasure in itself to be a part of the class. Thanks again Trev for all the help.

Kevin K., Perth, ON

Tarot of the Mysteries

Trevour Strudwick is a very knowledgeable and generous teacher. The Tarot classes are well structured and the progress is rapid. The feedback students receive on each lesson is invaluable. I love the artwork of the Thoth tarot deck.

Dana B., Ottawa

Tarot of the mysteries

I would highly recommend [this] Tarot Class. On a personal basis, I have found this whole exploration into the Tarot a personal soul searching journey, something I had not expected when I signed up for [this] class at the last minute. I joined up mostly out of a long ago youthful interest in Tarot readings. Initially, I thought that I would be learning the superficial “stuff” about how to give Tarot readings to friends etc. Instead, I have found myself listening to my classmates analyse the cards and their own struggles with the meanings of the cards that they have pulled. It has been quite an eye opener for me. This has triggered my own search into the meaning of the cards and their impact upon my life. – Linda D. Ottawa

Linda D. - Ottawa

Tarot of the Mysteries

“As an intuitive reader and healing practitioner/teacher myself, I’ve had the opportunity to be both a student of many courses and an instructor. Trevour is by far one of the very best teacher’s I’ve ever had. His extensive knowledge of Tarot on an intellectual, experiential and personal level along with his infectious passion and enthusiasm makes for an unforgettable class. He truly cares for each and every student and provides excellent support. I cannot recommend his class enough. I personally plan to take more courses with him. The only downside I have is each entertaining class goes far too fast! If you’re drawn to taking this course – don’t hesitate. Do it! It will be life changing and life affirming!”

Christine G. Ottawa