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Upcoming Numerology Workshops:

Sunday November 6th or Sunday November 13th – 9am – 5pm


numerologyLearn how the mysterious power of numbers can reveal your character and your destiny. Numerology is one of the oldest practices for developing INSIGHT and self-awareness and has been practiced for almost 5,000 years in almost every culture that had a number system! Babylonia, China, India, Phoenicia, Greece, Arabia,  Hebrew Kabballah, and even the Mayans and Aztecs attached much meaning to the significance of numbers and the effect of their secret vibrations on the affairs of daily life.

Uncanny in its accuracy and apparent simplicity, each of the letters of your name are attributed a numerical value which can uncover much about your individual strengths, weakness and latent talents. The numbers of your birthday speak to your destiny and the timing of events.

Whether you are a curiosity seeker or a practitioner looking to add a new modality to your practice, this workshop will exceed all expectations! Once learned, Numerology is an invaluable tool to gain INSIGHT and knowledge of hidden things that will serve you reliably for the rest of your natural days. In addition, you will learn how to cast a variety of different charts and reports to use professionally or as an unlimited supply of unique gift-giving ideas for years and years to come!

Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, births and religious holidays are all excellent times to give someone a truly unique gift that they can treasure for the rest of their lives, or in the short term, that gives them INSIGHT into the year ahead.

You will Learn:

  • The Life-Path Number – this number derived from the birthday is the most powerful marker of destiny and is Banner Imageused to time various events. It is called the Life-Path because it represents the road you will walk in life
  • The Expression Number – composed of the letters of your full name at birth, this number reveals your individuality and character traits. It is the person walking the path, and can reveal other compatibilities related to love and career
  • The Soul Urge Number (Hearts Desire) – the vowels of your name speak to your true goals and motivations in life. Do you make your decisions based on love, family, money, career, creativity, status, spirituality, power?
  • The Personality Number – where the Soul Urge reveals you innermost desires, the consonants in your name show what you reveal to the world and also what you attract
  • Karmic Debt Numbers – a little known and often overlooked element of Numerology, these numbers can highlight key challenges that you either came into the world with, or may encounter along the way in health, work, relationships, finances or recreation.
  • Transits – the different cycles indicated by the letters of your name show specific themes you will encounter along the way
  • Master Numbers – learn how the double numbers 11, 22 & 33 imbue people with certain gifts and also tremendous responsibilities
  • The Birthday Number -the day of the month in which you were born and what it means to you, personally
  • Period Cycles, Pinnacle & Challenges – timing the peaks and valleys along the road of life
  • The Personal Year, Month & Day – using Numerology to accurately identify and forecast your themes and events for any occasion; past, present or future

This workshop includes:

  • An extensive workbook
  • Worksheets
  • All you need to know to practice Numerology either professionally, or as a hobby to share with friends and family

Registration Details: Due to the small class size, pre-payment and registration are required. etransfer, cash or credit card only

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