Ancient Insights

Spiritual Foot Washing Ceremony

This long forgotten practice dates back to Biblical Times. The reference comes from the Last Supper when Jesus washed the feet of his Apostles as an act of blessing and humility. When properly performed by an ordained Spiritual Practitioner, this can be a deeply moving and powerfully transformative experience for both the Client and the Practitioner.

Foot Washing
It’s use in Southern Root Work, Hoodoo and Conjure is well known and relates to the African practice of ‘foot-track magick’. Different magickal ingredients are often laid down in the path of an intended ‘target’. More often than not with this type of practice, the work is of a coercive nature with less than a positive intent, often to place obstacles in the path of an enemy if not to drive them away completely as well as compelling works to win the affection of another.

The Spiritual Foot Washing is the natural remedy for this kind of working as a barrier can be placed between the feet of the client and the malefic intent. The bad juju is washed away and counteracted with positive prayers for healing and protection but Foot Washing can go much deeper than this. If we think about the feet and what they do for us, we can see their symbolic and spiritual significance. Our feet support the rest of our entire being. They are the foundation on which we stand. Moreover, they both carry and lead us to where we want to go. Happy places, and places we might be better off avoiding. And in this consideration we can start to see a tremendous value in the practice.

Foot Washing can be performed for any number of general and/or specific purposes. General purposes can include Blessing, Peace, Protection, and Cleansing. Certainly having someone work on your feet is a therapeutic in and of itself but it is the different ingredients used in the preparation of each Foot Wash that determines its application. Different herbs, salts, crystals, flower essences, essential oils etc. etc. are carefully blended to match the correct purpose.

For example, if one is seeking employment, a foot wash containing ingredients associated with ‘Road Opening’, success and money would be blended together. The same goes for those wanting to open the way to a new love, happiness, success in court etc. etc. There are literally hundreds of recipes and applications.FootWashing2
As with other forms of spiritual and energy healing, the practitioner is trained to channel and work in the presence of Spirit for the greatest good. While traditionally prayers and Psalms are recited, they are not entirely necessary as it is the ingredients and the intentions which compose the greater part of the work. That being said – traditional and non-traditional prayers as well as those sacred to other traditions, spontaneous words and statements of intent all serve to top off this healing experience.

The feet are then anointed – traditionally with a Holy Oil, as per biblical tradition, or in the case a specific Foot Washing with magickal intention, an appropriate Condition Oil to match your intent such as Wealthy Way, Kiss Me, Crown of Success, Attraction, Money Drawing, etc. This serves to ‘fix’ or ‘seal in’ the energies and intentions. Special symbols can be included for extra finesse. Finally, the feet are gently patted dry, payment is exchanged and the client is free to walk their path, renewed and refreshed. Confident that their feet will lead them to their intended goal.