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Planet BotanixYour one-stop destination for all things pertaining to ancient and forgotten practices, including a variety of readings, traditional magickal practices and healing. The Sorcerer in the Woods is distinguished as being the only place in Canada to present such divers offerings to help you identify hidden patterns, exercise out of the box thinking, make use of a variety of secret occult practices for health, wealth, love, protection, success and more.

The work comes from a life-time of study, practice and teaching as an Initiated successor of the Traditional practices offered on this site with over 20,000 readings and 1,300+ students certified and counting.

Please call 613-898-5433 to book your appointment. Or email for more information.

For over 35 years I have been hired to read Tarot cards at various house parties and business functions. This 5 Spells House Party brings it to another level! Click here for more Info